Produkta apraksts

Bezkrāsaina vai caurspīdīga industriālā cietā vaska eļļa, kas paredzēta oxidējošai žūšanai.

One-pot system or construction of transparent base coat and colorless top coat. It is achieved a uniform color, as well as a harmonious surface appearance.


For industrial coating of wood surfaces such as e.g. Wooden floors, doors, furniture, etc.


Osmo OXI POLYX® oil is ready for use, do not dilute. Stir well.
The optical result is u. a. depending on the wood texture and the primer used. Therefore, in principle, make a test coating and weigh the order quantity.


Line feed 8-15 m / min

Primer, reverse procedure

Primer Easy roller

Application with foam rubber roller, approx. 20 – 35 g / m²

Application with smooth roller, approx. 15 – 20 g / m²

Trigger with reverse smooth roller, to approx. 5 – 15 g / m²

Leveling and further optimizing the surface with 3 distributor brushes

Drying overnight

Intermediate smoothing of primed wood with flexible abrasive medium P320

Top coat with single roll NBR

Application with smooth roller, approx. 10-20 g / m²

Drying overnight

This order recommendation is the Osmo standard application recommendation.

Alternative application methods are possible, please contact our application engineering.

Immediately after drying, the coated wood can be unstacked and processed

(Intermediate smoothing / profiling) or packaging.